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Kevin Rose and his wife recently bought a house in Williamette Heights that was built in 1892. The house is one of the oldest in the city, but due to many structural issues that are too expensive repair, the new homeowners have received permission to tear down the 122 year old house.

Many other residents in the Williamette Heights area have vocalized their displeasure with the homeowners decision through a petition with over 2,000 signatures. Rose posted a reply to the petition stating that his initial intention when he bought the house was to simply renovate it, keeping the bones and exterior intact. But the cost of all the repairs would be greater than building from the ground up. The Rose’s are trying to sell the house back to the original owner, but if they can not find a way to sell the house, then they will continue with their plans to demolish the house.

Several neighbors claim that the house is of historical significance to the city and can not be torn down. But the Rose’s have had the house checked for historical significance and have been assured that there is none other than its age. Tension continues to rise though as the residents of this Northwest Portland neighborhood wait for the final decision of these new homeowners.



Your Portland local movers are a bit envious of Sandy-River-goers who enjoyed some fun in the sun over the weekend. Sandy River parks such as Glen Otto will be seeing lots of swimmers and sun-bathers this summer as temperatures climb closer to triple digits. Your Portland relocation experts are happy to hear that life guards have been and will be providing assistance as well as life jackets for younger swimmers for the duration of the summer. As Sandy River has been known for quick moving waters and sudden drop-off areas, your Portland moving professionals highly suggest that swimmers wear a life jacket. Hopefully your Portland movers here get a chance to beat the heat in the Sandy River before the summer ends! It sure does look like fun.

Your Portland mover here feels pretty bad for a family in Idaho soon to lose an amazing tree house. Tremain Albright, owner and designer of the Bonners Ferry, Idaho tree house, received some difficult news recently that the tree is scheduled to be chopped down due to its location near a levy. The tree house, which cost over $14,000 to build, was intended to be the Albright family’s guest home, but state officials fear the tree could fall causing damage to the levy below to the tune of over $100K. The decision to remove the incredible tree house is intended to protect Bonner Ferry from losing its funding from the Army Corps of Engineers which will cover 80% of levy repair costs in the city this year.

As the job development continues to increase in Portland, the rate of vacancy among local rental properties is at an unheard-of low compared to recent years. Portland area landlords must be rather happy these days as the rental property vacancy rate has boosted to the 11th best in the country (or should we say ‘plummeted!’) Your professional moving team in Portland is happy too! When the economy is on the upswing, people are more likely to move because they can afford it! However, if you have your sights set on moving to an apartment in Portland, make your move quick! Vacant units are a rare sight these days… at least in Portland!

What if your professional Portland mover here were to advise you to NOT pay your mortgage? The advice may sound like pure madness, and while you wouldn’t likely take real estate advice from a moving company, there are literally millions of cases where skipping out on your mortgage payment may actually be sensible advice. A recent court-ruling in Massachusetts established that the bulk of foreclosed-upon properties repossessed by banks within the last five years were taken fraudulently as the banks do not own the promissory notes necessary to show property ownership. If you’ve recently moved to a foreclosure property, continuing to pay your mortgage may not only be unnecessary, you could quite possibly be participating in fraud by paying it!

Young professionals are far from the minority in Portland. In fact, while the rest of the country saw an eight percent decline of young adults in the work force, Portland has seen a twelve percent increase! Portland is such an attractive destination for young professionals for many reasons. A huge part of that is due to the city’s strong focus on green energy and technology. Intel and Hewlett-Packard are two of many big companies with headquarters in the Portland area. And as for green energy, The Oregon Wave Energy Trust is devoted to make Oregon number one in the country for clean energy. Over one third of young adults in Portland have college degrees, and more and more young professionals are moving to Portland each day! It certainly isn’t hard to see why!

Living without a vehicle can be inconvenient, and naturally there are areas in which no-car living can be especially tough. Comparatively though, living in Portland sans-vehicle is very doable. Portland stands out among other regions in the country as an area which caters to those in need of convenient public transit. In fact, more than 95 percent of local households without vehicles are within walking distance from public transport stops; moving around Portland via public transit is never difficult. The national average of transit coverage for no-car homes is 70 percent, nearly 40 percent less than coverage for Portland’s car-less population. For families and individuals not furnished with a personal vehicle, moving to Portland is definitely an idea worth considering.

Why is moving one of the most stressful ventures for people? Well, in part, it is due to the generality that moving is foreign territory. With all that goes into transporting your household goods from one location to the next one can very quickly become overwhelmed; and the actual move is just the tip of the iceberg! Your Portland mover here can give you all the advice you could possibly need on your moving day, however; there is a lot of advice that is needed before the need for professional movers even arises. Advice on when to buy and when to sell your house, whether to rent or purchase your next home and much more is easily accessible… all you have to do is look!

Unlike your Oregon movers in Portland here, moving is not something that you do everyday. Sure you’ve moved several times, but there are still many aspects of moving that many people forget after relocating. If you’re moving soon, your Portland mover wants you to have the best experience possible; be sure to keep the following in mind for your upcoming residential move. Get your mind into moving mode! Moving isn’t as difficult as it seems, plan your move strategically and see how easy your transition can be!

Isn’t it great when you discover a place in your town which you’ve never visited before, and falling in love with it? Be it a new favorite restaurant or bar, bike trail or dog park; its fun to find new faves! Exploring the local area and beyond is one of the many perks of being a professional mover in Portland. Just because you’re not a mover doesn’t mean that you can’t explore though, in fact it has never been easier to conveniently explore your town than it is now thanks to social media technology! Many apps and websites enable you to search for local spots and read what other people in your town have to say about their experiences; you can get a very good idea of how awesome or not-so-awesome a new place can be before you ever step foot inside! Not only is the current era of customer review technology helpful in tapping into your inner explorer, you can also find new potential favorites for you soon-to-be neck of the woods if you are planning to move soon!