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Portland Residents Debate Future of 100 Year Old House

Kevin Rose and his wife recently bought a house in Williamette Heights that was built in 1892. The house is one of the oldest in the city, but due to many structural issues that are too expensive repair, the new homeowners have received permission to tear down the 122 year old house.

Many other residents in the Williamette Heights area have vocalized their displeasure with the homeowners decision through a petition with over 2,000 signatures. Rose posted a reply to the petition stating that his initial intention when he bought the house was to simply renovate it, keeping the bones and exterior intact. But the cost of all the repairs would be greater than building from the ground up. The Rose’s are trying to sell the house back to the original owner, but if they can not find a way to sell the house, then they will continue with their plans to demolish the house.

Several neighbors claim that the house is of historical significance to the city and can not be torn down. But the Rose’s have had the house checked for historical significance and have been assured that there is none other than its age. Tension continues to rise though as the residents of this Northwest Portland neighborhood wait for the final decision of these new homeowners.



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