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Wintertime Movers

photo: josef mohylaSomething about the holidays, though it is freezing cold outside, makes the tail end of the year such a warm and happy time. Christmas Eve is here, little kids are bursting with anticipation for tomorrow’s gifts and games. I remember the excitement of Christmas Eve well. I never needed a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve; I couldn’t sleep if I tried, and I was up and ready to rip open gifts at the very first sight of sunrise.

Moving and the holidays sometimes coincide. Furthermore; the night before your moving date can feel a lot like Christmas Eve! Anticipation of your move date can render you unable to sleep the night before you move, and you will surely be up at the crack of dawn and ready for your Portland area movers to arrive. As long as you have hired qualified movers in Portland with a good reputation; you may as well consider your new home a giant Christmas present. Your mover even quilt pad wraps your furniture up like presents under the Christmas tree. The movers in Portland may not deliver your furniture via the chimney, but they won’t likely turn down a gratuitous snack offering of milk and cookies. In the hands of professional Portland relocation specialists, your holiday move can be just as enjoyable and exciting as Christmas is! Happy holidays wintertime movers!

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