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Did you know that Portland area residents spend roughly two billion dollars less on vehicular travel costs per year than the national average? For the most part, Portland’s savings are made possible through the city’s walkability. Moving around Portland on foot is rather convenient thanks in part to the ever-expanding light rail system. Furthermore; the Portland metropolitan area has a compact layout, very accommodating to a pedestrian lifestyle. Your movers in Portland, as you would imagine, live an especially active lifestyle and are in top physical condition. Your relocation team is a hand-picked bunch of fit moving veterans whose skills are finely tuned! Our movers are waiting to make your exciting transition to Portland enjoyable by providing quick and careful shipping services.

Given a very recent downturn of the nation wide job market, it is truly a breath of fresh air to see state after state begin to turn the tide as new job opportunities are beginning to flourish once again! Portland is a city worth mentioning in the matter as it’s job market will grow by more than three percent this year alone thanks to the new jobs that are being provided to various industries. Software and clean tech industries are two that are worth mentioning as a strong growth in both helps bring in new jobs. Furthermore; with new jobs inevitably comes new people, and your local movers here will also provide jobs as we’ll need help in facilitating the mass of families moving to Portland!

Would you drive without insurance? Hopefully not! There are a lot of nightmare experiences that unravel from uninsured motorists getting into traffic accidents. However; there is much more at stake when it comes to moving in Portland to a new home. If you wouldn’t dream of driving uninsured, why would you consider hiring an uninsured moving company? Insured Portland movers are far less likely to have an accident with your property than a moving company which isn’t insured. Your Portland movers here are insured and licensed, and are even affiliated with which statistically supports a very low likelihood of an accident during your local or long distance move with us!

If you’re moving today, it is likely that your Portland area mover has quite a busy schedule as it is the first of the month and also a Friday! Many moving companies have been known to arrive late on busy days such as today; sometimes not arriving at all! The nightmare that this would cause you is not your Portland pro mover’s idea of a tasteful April Fool’s Day joke! However; if you have become a victim of another mover’s April Fool’s prank, your short notice move in Portland is under control! Even though you didn’t get a Portland professional moving estimate from us, you can still get a good idea of what to expect by quickly calling and discussing your needs with one of our friendly moving consultants! Portland area professional packers can provide a full service relocation service for you too! This is no joke, call us today if you must; we are ready to move you!

The need for Portland movers often comes as a surprise, and if you have a particularly tight budget surprises aren’t always very fun. Fortunately there are professional Portland movers who care about the ones they move, and show that they care by saving you as much money as possible. Your moving needs are understood with us, and you can always feel welcome to come to your Portland relocation specialists for moving advice too. For example, one moving tip that applies to any move –be it your home or your office- is to merge all of your boxes, smaller items, and anything else that you can into a centralized area. Combining the bulk of your household items into the same general area creates a short simple path between your stuff and the moving truck which speeds up the pace of your move! Combine this preparation with a team of quick and efficient Portland area movers and you have the formula for an affordable relocation service. In most cases, your movers here are able to fit all of your belongings into one truck load so that only one trip is necessary to move your belongings from point A to point B. This is just one way to save you money, and there are many more!

It is a lot trickier to find a job these days than it used to be. However; location is a huge factor in nearly every walk of life, and Portland is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for a new job. Portland is a beautiful city with lots of opportunity, as is the case your local movers here are always busy and thus always looking for talented new additions to our family of movers! Jobs in various other fields such as health care, information technology, marketing and design are widely available in Portland as well. With nearly 130,000 job openings -more than most surrounding areas with larger populations- Portland falls within the top 25 most hiring cities in the country! Looking for a new job in a gorgeous city? Move to Portland!

Portland is a great city to visit, and an even better place to move to and live. A constant 360 ° view of natural beauty and eclectic locals ensures that there are rarely dull moments in Portland. If you are an arts aficionado then you’ll quickly find yourself feeling right at home; the Portland Art Museum packs a hefty reputation and is even open late every first Thursday of the month for the nocturnal arts fanatics’ convenience. One little-known feature of Portland is that sales tax is non-existent here! You pay the price tag figure and nothing more on everything from clothing to groceries to eating out. Portland area professional movers are available to show you to your new home right now. What are you waiting for?

Organization goes a long way. Have you ever noticed how much stress a messy room can add to your plate? Maintaining the cleanliness of one’s quarters, be it at home or at work, is incredibly beneficial to his or her productivity, efficiency, and peace of mind. For anybody who is about to embark on a local move in Portland, a neat and organized living space is easy to pack-up and prepare for the moving day. On the contrary; a messy cluttered home is sure to have shippers who are moving pulling their own hair out! Furthermore; having a disaster area of a living space may encourage you to just stop everything you’re doing and leave the rest for your Portland relocation specialists… driving the cost of your moving services up and likely adding to your stress. Organization and cleanliness are extremely important, especially when it comes time to pack up your home and move in Portland. Your local Portland movers are no strangers to the importance of organization; you would probably learn a thing or two from a day spent on the job with your movers!

photo: josef mohylaSomething about the holidays, though it is freezing cold outside, makes the tail end of the year such a warm and happy time. Christmas Eve is here, little kids are bursting with anticipation for tomorrow’s gifts and games. I remember the excitement of Christmas Eve well. I never needed a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve; I couldn’t sleep if I tried, and I was up and ready to rip open gifts at the very first sight of sunrise.

Moving and the holidays sometimes coincide. Furthermore; the night before your moving date can feel a lot like Christmas Eve! Anticipation of your move date can render you unable to sleep the night before you move, and you will surely be up at the crack of dawn and ready for your Portland area movers to arrive. As long as you have hired qualified movers in Portland with a good reputation; you may as well consider your new home a giant Christmas present. Your mover even quilt pad wraps your furniture up like presents under the Christmas tree. The movers in Portland may not deliver your furniture via the chimney, but they won’t likely turn down a gratuitous snack offering of milk and cookies. In the hands of professional Portland relocation specialists, your holiday move can be just as enjoyable and exciting as Christmas is! Happy holidays wintertime movers!

If you’re moving locally in Portland this winter; start off on the right foot in your new home. There are several easy steps you can take that will help save money on energy costs and make your new home a more comfortable place to live.

The first step I suggest is to check doors and windows thoroughly for drafts (don’t forget attics and basements). Any wires or pipes that enter from the exterior of your home should be inspected as well as these access points are areas of your home that are vulnerable to air leakage. Weather stripping and caulk are very effective and easy to use in sealing such leaks. If your new Portland home has a fireplace, be sure to shut the damper. If you have a fire ablaze, the damper should obviously be left open, but when there is no fire heating your home, your chimney sucks hot air out of your home causing your heater to work harder. Another way to take the work load off of your heater is to regularly replace your air filters. Reversing your ceiling fan’s blade rotation is an excellent idea also as it forces the rising warm air back down keeping your rooms cozier. I also suggest replacing old light bulbs with newer energy conserving bulbs.

These tips are just a few of many to get you started. If you have the time, do all of your winter preparations before your professional Portland movers deliver your furniture. Avoid blocking vents with furniture too as this also causes your heater to work harder and expend energy in the process. Every little bit of conservation helps keep money in your pocket, you’ll be glad you took the time to make these simple repairs!